Google Earth openSUSE 11.3 x64 font rendering

hi all,

as you can tell from the topic i am having some issues with font rendering in google earth. the fonts on my machine is stretched out and makes it quite hard to read.

i have the packages “fetchmsttfonts” and “pullin-msttf-fonts” installed right now on my machine so that it will render firefox fonts properly as well as some other system fonts. below is a pic of the app running

i have google earth as well as cisco packet tracer installed on my laptop with the same two packages installed and it works perfectly, but my laptop is running an ATI video card with the radeon driver

the one with the problem is running an nvidia 7600 with the 260.19.12 driver, so i’m guessing the problem is with the video card

any help will be mucho appreciated

It’s a QT/KDE Isssue
Google Earth - openSUSE

Do you have the Bitstream fonts installed for Google Earth???

etech97 :slight_smile:

i do have the bitstream fonts installed, and i have tried the method suggested by caf4926 but no luck

i run googleearth through terminal and i get “Google Earth has caught signal 11.”

I have had differing results installing and running Google Earth. In most cases in Gnome is seems to run the fonts correctly, but not in every case. I can’t say why, I just do too many installs to remember info on a app I basically never use.