Google DRM. They're basically helping websites to control browsers and os'es. We must speak up against this

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Is there a short description somewhere? Do not want to watch a dude sitting on his dirty couch for 16 minutes blabbing…


He covers it in a section.

@Basilcat do you have any written articles?

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@Basilcat so are you saying for example this forum (eg web site) should not be allowed tools from third party sites to detect the likes of spammers and bots and not let them having access is a bad thing?

Basically, they will tell you to use xxx browser or xxx operating system, including one that some of us don’t like, for example, Ubuntu for some of us, or windows?

@Basilcat So that already happens now, site Z is optimized for browser X?

In the big scheme of things, if that were the case, would you even bother to visit site Y? There are plenty of them out there now that don’t get my business or clicks, or whatever they are after…

So what about hardware vendors that insist on TPM 2.0, Secure Boot etc and running Linux on hardware X… couldn’t that be construed as Hardware DRM?

Don’t get me wrong, oversight on these things is good :wink:

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The issue here seems to be that Google proposes a systems that allows web site operators to deny your traffic when you cannot provide cryptographic “evidence” of your browsing environment conforming to some standards.

This might be something like not being automated through Selenium or similar, but also things like not using certain or any browser extension (Ad block, added functionality, accessibility etc.) or running the browser in some environment that does not allow for screen capturing, is stock Windows or any other set of requirements that current DRM (/Anti cheat) tools can monitor, built into the browser.

Should this actually happen it is almost guaranteed that some websites/services you use not out of your own choice but necessity (government, university, employer etc. websites) will force you to run Chrome / Windows or similar pieces of software many people have good reasons not to use.