Google drive in Nautilus on MicroOS

Hi, I’ve been reading up on immutable systems and am trying out MicroOS desktop to see how it functions, and trying out all the usual bits and pieces I normally set up when trying out a new system to see if I come across anything which doesn’t play as expected.

It seems that on a fresh install I can sign in to my google account as normal in Gnome settings, and integration for example of the calendar is working as expected. However, google drive does not appear in nautilus (sorry, Gnome files!) as typically occurs on “normal” openSUSE and other distros with Gnome.

So far as I can tell gvfs is installed on the base, so Im out of ideas! I’ve had a good search of the forums and cannot see any posts about this as an issue in MicroOS desktop.

Any ideas? Thank you

While I couldn’t find anything on this on the wider forums, I had a good look on for packages which might help, and while gvfs was installed on the base Gnome MicroOS, gvfs-backend-goa was not. Installing this followed by a reboot got the google drive showing up in Nautilus (Gnome Files):

sudo transactional-update pkg install gvfs-backend-goa

I opted to install this via the transactional-update method rather than via dristobox as I assume that this is the right approach seen as adding into the file manager which is part of the core of Gnome MicroOS desktop. This might not be best approach, I am not sure, but works.