I’ve been using Google-Chrome-unstable for a while on my second Laptop, which is running Ubuntu, for testing; as it’s deb based it’s available in the repositories.

Over the last week there have been updates for it almost every day, has anyone heard if it’s nearing stable release for Linux?


It’s been in the repositories for months in various forms from the OBS??
It’s name changed to chromium which may be why you haven’t seen it?

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Thanks for the info, I hadn’t noticed that, I’ll take a look; however the original question was regarding Google Chrome, which Google state is still in development.

I’ll get downloading Chromium now.


The Chromium project is volunteer parallel project. The official Linux Chrome from Google hasn’t been released AFAIK.

Chromium’s noticeably faster and lighter but will fail on a tiny percentage of the pages. I used it a fair bit on a netbook and liked it better than Firefox.


I just installed Chromium and I’m loving it.

Thanks for your help.


I like chrome/chromium very much. It’s my main browser although it’s still in beta stage. It’s fast and light. the one thing i don’t like is that its shell is GTK based but it’s not a big deal.

Just curious, is this an actual Chrome “port” or is it just using the chromium source. Just wondering if all that ‘send anonymous information to Google’ things are in there.

I didn’t know about Chromium. Now, just installed it.

Earlier I installed chrome on 11.1 after converting the debian package to rpm. But, it was having issues.

I use chromium too as my basic browser, It is very useful and well-designed.
I am not using firefox no more.


I finally got around to installing chromium yesterday.

It’s interesting. Got to give credit where it’s due, it is fast.

I personally like it’s simplistic, non cluttered look. others in my house find it a bit too different to be comfortable with it right away.

I noticed a small glitch in how it renders some pages. Like mediawiki pages, it wants to place the sidebar menus at the bottom of the page instead of the top where it normally appears. beyond that, I have seen anything major wrong.

I’ll give it some more long term use to decide if I really like it or not. till then. it’s ok.

Big Bear

Google is trying to make sure that finally we will have a standard compliant browser with no fat in it.
Chromium (as its clone) might beat other browsers in the near future.
Also, Google is working on a Linux based OS with Chrome as its core browser. They will be releasing it next year.

I’ve been using it ever since betas appeared. Like it, it’s fast, IMHO does not beat Opera and FF, since it hangs on some sites (and next time it doesn’t but hangs on sites it displayed well the first time). During browsing there’s always a moment that I fall back to Opera.

Yea, it has got glitches. I like the ideas behind it - especially the separate process/resources per tab to make it independent.

Also, I am really dreaming of a browser with “no fat” in the future and this gives me some hope.

I tested the early version of the Chromium OS too.

Also the stealth mode which allows you to browse without leaving any record in the history list or cookies, in case you are sharing the browser with other people. But of course, your visit is recorded at the server end.

Yea, this too is a great feature, especially when you want to browse from someone else computer.

Installed Google Chrome unstable as well, currently have it set to run in incognito mode as default. It’s a great way to check changes/updates I make to client’s sites, etc.

I haven’t switched it to my “full time” browser as of yet, for obvious reasons.

P.S. To start Chrome in incognito mode as default, edit and place a “-incognito” (without the quotes).

Still curious about this.

Tried Chromium today for a few hours.

It was painfully slow.

Just like all the other times I gave Chrome a shot it didn’t last too long on my computer.

Don’t understand the hype at all.

Maybe it will be okay in a few years.

I been putting off installing it on my system and trying it out. I am still unsure of it, but as a theme creator I should just to check compatibility.

I have a few complaints with Chrome, but speed isn’t one of them. Compared to your setup, I’m running a steam powered pc. Chrome is like a rocket. Did you get it from the Contrib repo? My main complaint is that this is a developer version and few adjustments are available to me. It crashes if I try to print. But in spite of these problems, I go to it much more often than FF.