Google Chrome question re:multimedia plugins

Hi all,

Once upon a time I had issues with my multimedia codecs and I was unableto watch video’s or play music. So I was recommended to run the mmcheck script which greatly assisted.

After running this script I was able to use all codecs for videos and music stored on my computer. I have also been able to view streaming video and audio from the firefox brower (after performing a safe mode startup and re initializing multimedia plugins).

Unfortunately (within google chrome) I am unable to view such streams as “asx” ones (or most multimedia streams for that matter) found in ENERGY98 — Your #1 Choice For Dance! website (though google Chrome, although I am amble to view this in firefox).

Is there a safe mode in google that can let me run a re-install and reload all the plugins so that I can test if this works??

THank you all for your help.