Google Chrome preinstalled in Sony Vaio?

A friend of mine bought a new vaio laptop, with vista preinstalled. to my surprise, the browser icon in the quick launch bar (to the right of the menu button) launches google chrome. There is an icon for IE among a four-icon Cairo-dock-like thing above the taskbar.

As I’m sure MS wouldn’t like this (even if IE’s icon is larger than chrome’s), I think it shows google is getting strong with hardware vendors? Or did google buy sony? :slight_smile:

Oh, and the notebook came with two XP SP3 recovery disks, although it runs vista home business or something. If you want the vista recovery disks you have to burn them.

And vista is slow as hell, even if it’s a core 2 duo with 4 gb ram… The guy got so p*ssed he said he was going to install XP when he got home - he’s over 65, not interested in expending the time to learn linux.

Discussed in this thread too.
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Oops! Missed that, thanks.