Google Chrome: Defualt browser for Sony Vaio

Just read this:
Google Chrome to be default Sony Vaio browser

It’s really a good news for open source world IMHO.

I guess it’s a measure of progress, but then there are loads of Open Source apps in use, even in windows.

Yeh, its true. In terms of shares, market share for Chrome is increasing, which is proved by the Linux users also. I read about the chrome in Linux and i think 95% users happy with it to use it. According to them its faster than FF in Linux. AFAIK, its in beta stage for Linux.

But in sight of Sony, its a big deal for Google too, as their next weapon would be soon came out (Chrome OS). Somehow it will affect the M$ shares in Internet market. I do appreciate every move in the world of open source and Linux.

I have it installed in my fedora box, but honestly it’s too buggy for me. FF just works. Anyway, it nice to try it.
In Vista it is screamingly fast and stable.