Google Chrome Can't Access "http://localhost"

I just downloaded Google Chrome RPM file from Google and then I install it on my OpenSUSE 11.2. And I have a problem, it can’t open http://localhost or It always says “ADDRESS NOT RESOLVED”.
It become more strange if I connected to internet, I’m able to open http://localhost with no error. When I disconnected from the internet, I’m unable to open http://localhost again.
Do you know how to solve this problem so I can open http://localhost when not connected to the Internet?


Do you have the same problem with other browsers?

What is your DNS server (from /etc/resolv.conf)?

To me it seems that your DNS server is on the internet and thus can not be used when you have no internet connection.

You could put       localhost

in /etc/hosts if it is not allready there

That line is already exist in /etc/hosts. :
It’s weird that I’m able to access http://localhost with other browsers like Firefox and Konqueror but not Google Chrome.

Well, then you have proven hat Chrome does not resolve hostnames in te correct way (by using the ghostbyaddress and friends functions). File a bug with Google.