google chrome browser on open suse 13.2 issues

Google Chrome browser on OpenSuse 13.2 have some issues.

OS: OpenSuse 13.2 32bit
Desktop:KDE 4
chrome version:43.0.2357.125

when i open chrome browser for playing youtube video. about 30 seconds or 1 mins later. the bottom task panel distory. the all panel disappear. we can’t do any thing. we only can open a terminal tools (e.g: konsel) and reboot the system.

it’s make me crazy some times.

i’am try to reinstall the chrome or completed reinstall a new OS. the issues still exist.

I had try to feedback the issues to google chrome develop team, but not get any reply.

the chrome is very important for me. usually work base the app.

also the firefox is OK, but i think the chrome have better experience than firefox.

is any other friends occurred the similar problem.

who can help me.


YouTube simply won’t play in Chrome. Is OpenSUSE messing with Chrome?

that sounds like a hardware issue to me, maybe graphic card overheating, what card do you have, what drivers?
you could try chromium, does this happen there too?
Seeing how chrome is closed sourced the opensuse team have nothing to do with it.


afaik youtube uses webm in chrome/chromium and that always worked, you should start a different thread this is a different issue.

You should doublecheck your browser settings for YouTube are correct

Using the web browser you intend to use (chrome), go to

Every box should be checked, but the last box is most important.

Google wouldn’t have any interest in making Chrome incompatible with YouTube, they’re both properties of Google.

Webm has nothing to do with this, webm is a multimedia codec that Google now owns/manages. In general, most higher quality streaming media use h.264, but it’s a proprietary format with potential licensing issues. webm is relatively new (Google resolved all licensing issues only within the past year or so), and Google offers it free for all to use relatively unencumbered. Other multimedia codecs like ogg-vorbis are also free, but many are not satisfied with its performance. When you view something in YouTube, unless you specify a particular stream, you cannot be certain whether you’re watching webm or h.264. For anyone who really wants to pick this apart, I recommend installing jdownloader, with it you can download each and all (or specific) streams for each video. You can see for yourself what codecs are used for each stream and the container used.

IMO pin pointing the cause of display issues like what is described can be hard to troubleshoot.
Start with identifying whether it happens with many windows.
Consider that YouTube is a resource-intensive app which means if you have a very low end card and your display is running at the limits of available memory and GPU processing, you may see this problem in similar apps. Are you watching videos from other sites which might use a slightly different streaming technology? Try watching videos at any of the major broadcasters like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, etc.


about youtube and webm
Chrome(ium) hasn’t used flash on youtube for a long time.
A few months ago youtube started streaming video’s in webm (vp9) by default (you have to disable it to get mp4) webm (vp9) is open-sourced and comes from the oss repo, unlike chrome chromium comes without ffmpeg binaries and only webm is supported out of the box, seeing how youtube defaults to webm there really shouldn’t be any issues with opensuse’s chromium and youtube.
Chrome is a different story as it comes with it’s own codecs (ffmpeg and pepper flash) and the opensuse community have nothing to do with it.

The only reason chromium might not work on youtube is if you have webm disabled (via an addon) and don’t have packman’s codecs installed.

I rarely use youtube. However installing chromium [on Tumbleweed that is] also installs ffmpeg and pepper-flash packages albeit from Packman. I did it very recently! Don’t know what happens if Packman is not enabled.

It installs “chromium-ffmpegsumo” instead of “chromium-ffmpeg” and some of the multimedia support will be missing.