Google calendar is offline in Korganizer. How do I put it back online

I have a Google calendar setup in Korganizer. It shows up in the calendar list as offline. I’ve had it for quite some time so it is full of future appointments. I cannot seem to find a way to get it back online. If I click update folder, it asks me if I want to put it online. I click yes, but nothing happens – the calendar stays offline. I have gotten Google’s permission to link to akonadi, so that seems ok. I can add a second Google calendar on the same account. That shows up online, but with no entries as the original Korganizer Google calendar is offline, so the entries don’t get uploaded. The old Google calendar is still there, still offline, and with all the entries still there. Is there a way to get the original Google calendar online or to somehow save the entries so that they appear in the new version of Google calendar which appears to be online?