Google Calendar and Contacts for Korganizer and Kaddressbook

The ability to add a link to my Google calendar and address-book has disappeared.

When I attempt to add a calendar there is no option for Google as there has been. The option was available in what I believe as libkgapi. Something appears to have broken or was not packaged in the latest update.

I am using Plasma 5.

I have the following repositories enabled:

I believe I have checked all dependencies. All LEAP 42.1 applications and extras are set as the default for Kontact5, Kmail5, Kaddressbook5, Korganizer5 and Knotes5 as well as Akonadi and PIM.
Akonadi is at 15.08.3-9.1, 15.08.3-14.1, 15.08.3-16.3.
Kontact and parts are at are at 15.08.3-16.3

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

See here:

Thank you!

Will give it a try. I hope this was just a packaging oversite and is quickly corrected.

No luck. I added in the unstable repositories and then switched all Kontact and Akonadi related to those repositories. Too many connections to other applications get changed that makes me uncomfortable with proceeding and then having to spend too much time trying to back track.

Back in the day I worked with Cobol and unix on NCR equipment. I have not been in the depths of compiling for sometime. but it seems that all that is needed is a compiled version of libkgapi to make this work? Am I correct in my thinking? If so can someone lead me through compiling libkgapi from the factory source?

If this I am wrong in my approach let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you need to build kdepim5 against a KF5 based libkgapi.

It probably would be easier to switch to kdepim4 though, I suppose.

OK. I appreciate your honesty in the suggesting stepping back for now. Any ideas when this might be addressed and fixed?

We depend on a KF5 based upstream release of libkgapi here, I have no idea when this will happen.

A port is available but not released yet. KDE:Unstable:Applications does contain a git snapshot, so kdepim5 can be built with Google support there.
But that’s no option for the stable repositories.

Found out tonight: Caldav works.
Use your gmail address as a username, use it’s password
As the URL use

and hit “Fetch”. Works fine. Will look for CardDav as an option for google contacts.

And so does CardDav:
Same story as above, except for the URL


An additional note from me as well:
A KF5 based libkgapi is available in KDE:Applications meanwhile and the kdepim5 has the support enabled again.


No idea whether it will be part of an upcoming KDE update for Leap 42.1 though. It is not in the 15.12.1 update yet that’s currently running and will soon be released.