Good tv tuner for linux

A while back I got a tv tuner and we (meaning us,) could not figure out how to get it to work. I now wish to know what tv tuners are good ones for linux. I’m looking at something with an A/V input, so it can be NTSC or PAL. I have dual PCIe connectors available. I also have USB 3.0 and 2.0 available. I want to encode the video with a free codec so mp2 convertors built in make no difference to the value for me. I’ve searched the web to no avail. I know that myth tv has at least one list of known supported devices, but I’ll be using ffmpeg so don’t bother going there. I believe that SLP recorded tapes have a resolution of 640/480 or less so I don’t need very high res just something that does not try to compress the data using some lossy form between it and the cpu.

Here is a link to the HTPC Linux subform at AVS where they discuss tuner cards to use with MythTV: