Good Suse 11.0 compatible graphic card

Hallo everybody,

Could you, please, recommend a good graphic card (not for games!!) surely compatible with Suse 11.0? I’d like to install it and have too many problems with my nvidia Geforce6800. The graphic card does not have to be the newest. Best for ~ £50.

Many thanks in advance.

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Generally nvidia cards works well with opensuse and other distributions.

What problems are you getting with the 6800?

Look here Hardware - openSUSE

Nvidia cards are typically the best for linux… IMHO

Have you added the nvidia repository and installed the drivers and xgl?


Thank you for your messages.

I cannot add anything to the installation since the screen goes completely messy before I can do anything. It is full of various strange colours, slightly blinking and there is message (from my monitor Acer 1931) change the resolution setting for 1280 x 1024 - if I remeber well). But I cannot do anything … no response.
For the installation I am using DVD from Linux Format magazine and setting VESA or 800 x 600 resolution for installation.

I have to add I am almost completely new in Linux world but have Ubuntu 7.04 running on my laptop without any troubles.

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upon boot, pass the kernel the option “3” without the quotes. This should take you to the console login.
Login as root, start Yast, enable the NVidia repository, install the proprietary NVidia driver.
Then start
sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia
and configure the X server properly.

Really no need to buy a new card, as all the others said, it should work fine.


Dear Uwe,

Many thanks. I’ll surely try this in the evening. I hope starting Yast from console means writing command ‘yast’ and Enter. As mentioned, I have close to zero Linux experience. But I’ll improve quickly … :slight_smile:

Once again, many thanks.


Hi Uwe,

Thanks again for the advice. I managed to start installation with kernel 3 and login. I started yast and tried to enter Hardware -> Graphic cards (or similar - I do not see it anymore due to the corrupted screen again) with no success. It moved me to command line and, of course, I did not know what to do.

Can you, please please, advice me how to enable Nvidia repository and instal Nvidia driver? Many thanks in advance.

All the best,

Have a read here;

and have a look here;

Select the community repository and select Nvidia.

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