Good Old Games

Has anyone tried downloading games from and running them in wine? I downloaded Duke Nukem 3d (Brilliant game, takes me right back!) and it runs fine ones you set the graphics to directx or OpenGL. It was only 5.99$ :slight_smile:

P.S. I’m not advertising, just curious on running the games in Wine.

I found Beneath a steel Sky and many other goodies. Thanks!:slight_smile:

Did you check scumm VM?
in case you didn’t: the VM is in the repos but here is the link: ScummVM :: Home, where you can find other old games for download and to play with scummvm (which works better for me than wine, allthough scummvm does not play all old games):

  • Beneath a Steel Sky (again)
  • Flight of the Amazon Queen

I kept “The Dig” on CD and played it a month ago (under Scumm VM). Loved every minute of it.

greetings to you and other old game fans,

Yeah, knew about that one. Duke Nukem runs in a custom version of DosBox. These games are very cheap but still great. Although, they don’t look as nice on a hi-res screen but the gameplay is great.

Beneath a Steel sky is a classic as well, might try this next.

Guys… FreeSpace 2!!!

  • $5.99
  • Like X-Wing, but from 1999
  • Great history
  • Volition released the code and has been updated since then, with both new code and data* (and native Linux support)
  • A lot of MODs available, most of them taking advantage of the improved version. This includes a port of FreeSpace 1+Expansion to the FreeSpace 2 engine… plus Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Star Wars, Wing Commander…

I still have freespace 2 in its lovely big cardboard box… I miss getting games in those…

But yeah, i’ve heard of GOG before but i’ve never downloaded from it, should check it out by the sounds of things