(good) Notebook Comparison sites?

Hi, I am in the market for a new notebook and thought I would post a few questions to help me in my quest.

I have an idea of some of the notebooks I would like but then again it is only from a small list of larger makers (Lenovo, ASUS, Toshiba) which is not all the makers out there (lots of good whitebook makers like Clevo and others that I probably don’t know about). For this reason I have been trying to find a good product search and comparison site that is relatively up-to-date (within 6mo, instead of the 2-3 years out of date like cnet etc). I love newegg’s powersearch option for notebooks but I would like something like that with a larger selection of computers, even more obscure-but-good ones like Clevo etc.

I am also looking at good “build it yourself” sites like avadirect

Lastly, I am totally open to suggestions of specific notebooks. Below is a general idea of what I am attempting to find:

• Something Linux friendly (though most things aren’t very problematic nowadays)
• Can handle Windows 7 when it comes out
• Big on battery life
• Sturdy (I travel a lot)
• Not a total monster weight wise (under 7lbs?)
• Work horse feature set, ie lots of mem pretty fast processor (lots of graphics/video stuff)
• Not necessarily a gaming setup as I rarely play games (dedicated 3D with 512+Mb but that’s probably all I need)
• Smaller the better as I am considering getting a monster monitor that I would hook up to this (but not super small with super big price, I can take big if it saves me some money)
• Hoping to god for a price tag of $1500 or less ($1200 would be ideal)
• Kick ass warranty, since I travel things are bound to break and since I travel/live internationally getting notebooks fixed is more of a PITA than usual.

To give people an idea, the closest thing I have found to what I want is the ASUS M50Vm-B1

I am totally willing to sacrifice hard drive size, and no-OS to shave off some $ and put that towards larger battery and better warranty.



If your looking for a good website for comparison, check latopmag.com. They have good thorough reviews of just about every notebook I’ve ever looked at.

A good forum for notebook review discussion is:
Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion - Powered by vBulletin

the have a Linux section:
Linux Compatibility and Software - Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion

unfortunately there tends to be too much PUSHING of specific distributions by fans of some distributions , and not as much generic technical information.

Still, its one of the better sites that I have seen specific to Notebooks.