Good not too fancy audio player for KDE4?

Well my Amarok 1.4 stopped working for some reason so I installed 2.0… which is working but I don’t like it one bit.

Main features I liked about Amarok 1.4 were the playlist filtering that allowed me to quickly only play songs from for example “The Union Underground” by typing that in, in the filter/search field… gone in 2.0, only seem to be able to ‘filter’ by throwing everything into a local collection? I sure as hell don’t want… got all my music on the server.

As the old Amarok is going to be replaced by the new one sooner or later I might as well start looking for an alternative now instead of trying to get it work. So what options are out there?

I tried xmms but it wont minimize to tray, it’s using the most ugly gtk settings imaginable for the menu’s and I seem to be unable to set up ‘hotkeys’ though I had all that working on gnome some time ago.

What I want from an audioplayer is…

  • Fast
    searching for a song, found Banshee too slow a couple of months ago (or even better, filtering like in Amarok 1.4)*] Configurable hotkeys *] Support for many formats (got .flac, .mpc, .wma, .ogg, .mp3, .aac) *] Minimize to tray *] Shoutcast support would be nice, though not required. Support for my Zen V plus would be an err plus, but hardly required as Zen explorer or whatever it’s called does the job just fine.
    Just remembered… another thing I don’t like about Amarok 2 is how it seems to reload my entire list on restart, not fun loading ~4800 songs over NFS, my router doesn’t like it and it makes it take like 20 minutes to start up Amarok, not to mention if I try to save a file over the netwerk at the same time it has a 1-3 second delay.

Looks like I found it :o

No idea how I didn’t come across this before… or maybe I do, was looking for gnome specific applications last time as the only decent mediaplayer I knew off was amarok 1.4.
So I probably broadened my search pattern a bit and came across JUK looking at the site I thought it was KDE3 based but I found it on webpin with a KDE4 prefix… so I gave it a try, and it’s everything I wanted (well lacks support for some formats or maybe I got to change the backend).

But fast filtering, hotkeys and doesn’t reload the entire list on restart. Crossfading works to… never got that working in Amarok.
Kmess is also picking up on what it’s playing (through dcop I assume), very nice.
I might have to start looking up the proper url or mailaddress to make suggestions about the openSUSE packages as in my opinion they should drop Amarok 2 in favor of this one.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. You might want to look at this site;

The Linux Alternative Project -

You’ll find this list and more…

Banshee ( Banshee Wiki Disabled )
aTunes ( aTunes )
Quod Libet ( quodlibet - Google Code )
SongBird ( Songbird - Open Source Music Player )
Exaile ( Exaile | Music Player for GTK+ )
Amarok ( Amarok | Rediscover your music )
Listen ( Listen, just listen - Music Player – Trac )
Rhythmbox ( Rhythmbox - The music management application for GNOME )
gtkpod ( gtkpod - a GUI for Apple’s iPod using GTK2 )