Good news! MATE Desktop available for openSUSE


Just wanted to let everyone know that a MATE Desktop developer is now dedicated to supporting MATE on openSUSE. • View topic - MATE 1.4.1 Preview for openSUSE

You can install it from this repo:
Index of /repositories/X11:/MATE

Many thanks to nmarques for his hard work! It’s always great to have more options available for openSUSE.

Great, thanks nmarques, and thanks for sharing rahim123. Will install onto Mantis next weekend. (-:

Here’s a quick MATE Desktop build I generated with SUSE Studio:
openSUSE-MATE 12.2 – SUSE Gallery

Very nice! I just might have to take this for a spin on my netbook.

Thanks. I’m thinking about giving that studio build a try.

Let me comment on your install instruction:

Your md5sum check on a USB is bound to fail. The USB drive will typically be larger than the raw image, so is unlikely to compare.

Better would be to check with the “cmp” command, giving the “-n” option to limit the length to that of the raw file.

If I do install to hard drive, I won’t follow your instructions. It seems that they would destroy what is on the drive.

I guess I would boot the USB, then copy the USB system to a partition on the hard driver. Then, later, I would tweak grub settings for my current system to add an option to boot that mate system.

Hmmm install instructions? I didn’t write any. :slight_smile: They must be included as part of SUSE Studio’s instructions or something. Where did you find them?

There was a link to install instructions on the page that you pointed to. The install instructions were mostly download instructions and build the USB from the download instructions. So, yes, those might be suse studio boilerplate.