Good news - Google phases out IE6 support

Google Phasing Out Support For IE6 in 2010

I suspect that most of us here are not directly affected one way or the other. Still IE 6 is old in software terms. It’s about time.

Good riddance IE6. Die already.

Here’s a bunch of companies who also want to see IE6 dead:

IE6 No More - Home

Anybody who does serious web development can tell you about the workarounds and conditional code sections that have to be put in for IE6.

This is why I said it is a good news :slight_smile:
Google is one company that can force these sort of “clean up” because their applications have wider reach.

IE6 is old, and I doubt Google would drop support if a significant portion of their customers/users were still using this browser.

IE7 came through Windows Update for XP and the only people who didn’t upgrade it were those who couldn’t validate their computers (I’m sure they used another, free browser), since the install required that (not sure if it still does, I remember the download and the install used to, though).

All in all, it’s a good move cause people need to get rid of 9x, 2k and upgrade to a better browser on XP. Be it IE8 or something free.

They are killing IE6 because people are moving on from it. Windows XP shipped with it, and IE7 came through Windows Update. Vista shipped with IE7 and IE8 came through Windows Update. Windows 7 shipped with IE8.

The only computers you can reasonably expect to see IE6 on are old Windows 2000 or Windows 98/Me machines, and there is no serious reason to be running those Operating Systems. XP runs on a P2 233 with 256 RAM, so resources/speed is not an issue…

No one wants to support an OS or Browser that isn’t even supported by the company that made it.

It was never much of a problem, when you compare the marketshare of the different browsers.

Just going with IE was good enough for a significant majority of sights, because they could bet on a significant majority of their users using that browser.

Dropping IE6 support is good from a business and support standpoint.

The people this may matter to are those who access these websites from a Windows Mobile Device with an old version of Mobile Internet Explorer on it… That’s where it matters - not on the desktop.

The time is coming and we will see IE7 and IE8 will be gone sooon to.
In emer. I use IE but for other stuff I will use Firefox.

Not using IE at all will make it disappear faster…;). IE is unnecessary these days.

I use WinXP only for Music/Movies because OpenSuse cant supply with sound software. Sometimes I go with winxp to internet for any upgrade thats it.
With the sound I don`t have the option only to go to the WinXp and listen the Music/videos.

I cannot believe this. You mean sound does not work? You cannot play movies/music? Soundcard not detected?

I have a Xonar (helped getting it to life a couple of years ago), I have not been using windu systems, I run (open)SUSE linux for over 10 years now, music and movies are my passions. Music apps available all over.
Concluding: you missed something somewhere. :shame:

NatLWalker wrote:
> The only people who are using IE6 are the ignorants running Windows
> 98SE and Windows 2000, and they need to upgrade both their Operating
> Systems and their Browsers.

i agree…and, thankfully many many of those who are getting smarter
are passing the chance to do an “upgrade” to another Redmond Virus
Magnet and instead are opting for a fine (but expensive) Mac or some
version of Linux…

i often call them Redmond Ship Jumpers (RSJs), and we get several new
ones here every day…and, if the line up at Distro Watch can be
believed, i guess Ubuntu, Fedora and Mint are all getting more in any
particular day than we do…

i just wish the RSJs didn’t bring so many bad habits with them…it is
hard to train it out…and, about 90% exhibit an apparently learned
aversion to reading docs and patience…


No IE, never! No firefox. Running Chromium for the last 2 months now.