Good KDE App's

i like to ask you which application in KDE is ranked the best in comparison.
I tried, for example, Gweenview and it seems to read a long while the folder. Geeqie on the other hand (Gnome) is much quicker.
Or Email. I use Thunderbird right now, but wouldn’t mind to try out a KDE app which is equal.

Anyway, for recommendations i am very open and like to hear from all of you.

I like KDE now and plan to run it as my main desktop with the next release. :slight_smile:

Thanks :wink:

It depends which application you want to use for what.
Like for email, KMail. Applications for your KDE-Desktop - - Mail

You can find every and all KDE applications here with description and other details.
Applications for your KDE-Desktop

Good luck.

You can view photos in Konqueror if you change the settings:
‘View in embedded viewer’…
(it’s super quick)](

Gwenview though is very quick for me

The KDE apps that realy stand out compared to their gnome equivalents are the music player Amarok, the photo manager digikam, gwenview, ktorrent and the cd/dvd burner k3b. For me, these apps make me wanna use the KDE desktop. I also like Kontact. It is clearly faster then evolution and it integrates nicely into the KDE environment, in contrast to Thunderbird which is a good email client as well. And have a look at for some nice programs. I surely love kdropbox.
Have fun!

Digikam, Audex, Kate, K3b - a more focused question would be what do you use in Gnome and what is in KDE that is equivelant or better. Obviously there are some Gnome apps that are superior or equivalent (personally I think Fileroller is the best, but other than that I stick with mostly KDE apps)

Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:
I think why Gween was slow, i hadn’t installed all of KDE.
Now with a normal fresh install, its much faster.
Gwenview though is very quick for me

I do have to admit. As a longtime Gnome user, i have to say that KDE is (pssst) better structured and advanced.
Of course there are some philosophical difference between the two, but so far i am impressed with KDE.

I tried Kmail. Not bad, but the import was a dissaster. I have to take my time with that.

Some of my favourite KDE-apps:

• → luckyBackup - flexible backup-solution based on rsync with cronjob manager, support for profiles, option for simulation etc. Lets you switch between easy and advanced modes.

• → KDocker - will dock pretty much anything in your systemtray via mouseclick.

• → soundKonverter - audioconverter with a wide range of supported codecs, might also rip your common audio-CD if you let him. sK offers many codec-options and also features profiles and easy/advanced modes. The KDE4-version is still marked as ‘beta’ but runs very fine for me.

• → KTorrent - ultimate torrent-downloader with gazillions of sweet features like IP-filtering, media-preview, RSS-syndication, support for scripts, editable build-in search engines… yet with a nice and clean user interface.

• → Filelight - handy little app which visualizes disk usage. Well integrated in Konqueror (unfortunately not in Dolphin).

• → Yakuake - retractable terminal emulator. The nicest way of having a console at your fingertips at any time without being too obtrusive. Supports movable tabs with useful context menus, split-screens, alternative skins, fullscreen-mode and a lot more.

Best regards.

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I like these:

  • Simon - It’s a speech recognition program. The idea behind it is great and worth a look.

  • Skrooge - Great finance management program. The only downside is I have many graphs showing my money going towards $0 :frowning:

Hey thanks for all the input. That sound very good.
I will try all the solutions and see what fits best to me.

Oh, i wonder if there is a better app in KDE for handbrake. I use this for a long time, but, err… i will see whats there. :slight_smile:

For video editing there is KDEnlive.
For website development there is Quanta Plus.
For an Office alternative, KOffice is pretty nice.
For PDF viewing there is OKular.

Thanks for the list.
Will try them out too. Right now it feels like Xmas.

Amarok used to be cool about year ago (or year and a little bit) but now Banshee looks better (for me it means: more iTunes’ish). Unfortunately, I had no opportunity to try newer version Amarok (only saw screens of it) and any version of Banshee (as in newer Amarok, only screens). I recall that K3B used to be cool too :slight_smile: