Good Internet Radio app - equivalent to TuneIn for Android and iPhone?

I’ve just discovered the app TuneIn on my Android phone, it allows you to access radio stations that broadcast over the net, as well net-only ones, in an easy searchable interface (the ‘backend’ is the website

Is there a way to do a similar thing on Opensuse? Currently I have a small list of stations in banshee which I had to manually add - a very painstaking manual process. Is there a plugin for banshee or another program that does this well?

Free Internet Radio - SHOUTcast Radio - Thousands of Free Online Radio Stations

This one works well for me, just a web site. If you have any issues with audio, check your multimedia setup with mmcheck, see message #40:

MMCHECK - Check Your Multimedia in 10 Steps - Script File, as proposed by RedDwarf

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