Good Day to Everyone! I am new to the community!

Just saying Hello to all you OpenSuSe users.

Rocking Operating System :slight_smile:

/me is very pleased!


Looking for friends too!

Welcome to the openSUSE forum IntrepidLion. If we can help you in any way, just let us know. If you are looking for articles on help, you have to look here:

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We also have a lot of stuff in our blog section:

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If you would like to load up on (possible) helpful bash scripts, have a look here:

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Thank You for using openSUSE.

On 10/10/2012 11:06 PM, IntrepidLion wrote:

> Hello to all you OpenSuSe users.

hey, hello back at ya, and welcome new user named iNtrePidli0n!

precision matters–we spell our operating system this way: openSUSE

again, welcome!!


A warm welcome here. Feel free to ask, suggest, comment.