Good CD burner app to use with XFCE

I am in need of a good CD burner app to use on my system running XFCE, currently using K3B which I love but doesn’t seem as friendly with XFCE, with K3B it keeps saying that I have in correct permissions to the burner and after opening it as root and setting it up it still says that I have incorrect permissions. Right now I’m stuck to using mkisofs to make the ISO, and cdrecord to do the actual burning, would help if I know how to do an auto CD with it. Can anyone suggest a good CD burner program to use, doesn’t not need to support DVDs because this system does not have a DVD burner in it.

Look at this, I don’t know if is what you looking for, but it integrates with xfce for sure.
Xfburn [Xfce Goodies]

I did find xfburn and so far it has a 50% chance of success, out of two burns one is a coaster, but it seems the version that is in the XFCE repo is missing Icons, I’ll post details about the missing icons when I’m back at that machine, but it did the trick. It also has a bug in it where it can’t detect the maximum burning speed of the drive, going to give the the details their nice notice window asked for.