gonna install opensuse kde

i am gonna try opensuse 11.3 kde. first off will it be the latest version of kde. second if not how do i update or should i wait for 11.4. lastly i have a broadcom BCM4312 wireless card. how do i install the proprietary drivers?

To answer your first KDE question: 11.3 comes with KDE SC 4.4.4 however you can easily update to KDE SC 4.6 by adding the 4.6 repos and switching packages to those repos in YaST.

thank u. and the second?

Sorry I am not sure about the second question (the broadcom wireless)

darn. thank u anywyz

For your wireless driver, Have a read of these

BCM4311/4312/4321/4322 Wireless in openSUSE 11.3 | SUSE & openSUSE


thank u very much