Going to sell my computer soon...

Within the next two months I am planning on getting a new compy and well its time to trade in the old girl.
She is a good girl though, and she has served me well over the last 6 years (coincidentally, about the same time I have been using linux) and she is still kicking.
She has maybe another 5 or 6 years left in her, with proper maintenance she will last someone a good long while.

So here is the facts about my current main desktop:
HP Pavillion a1310y Intel Pentium 4HT, 2GB memory, 640GB HD

Now I will hook in the old hard drive before I sell her as I practically stole this newer hard drive (I originally thought that I bought a 500 gig hard drive but thanks to the snafu at Western Digital the box I got it in was one that was supposed to be a 500 gig but I got a 640GB hard drive and like hell I was going to give it back.)
So yeh when I sell it it will only have a 80GB drive (well 78GB thanks to allocation)
But it will come with the 2GB of ram.

Some notes:
I have a intel video card, a I915 as I mentioned, its not for gaming but it does handle both Compiz fusion and Kwins effects in KDE4 quite well.

Both the DVD drive and the DVD/CD burner have issues though, now with some extra cash I am willing to install a new DVD/CD burner for my buyer, there is one at walmart from HP that I can buy for cheap (it was $88 last time I checked)
So no worries.

The door to where my DVD/CD burner is located is long gone, in order to install this new drive I had to remove the door because the eject button on it was not working to well, I had to patch it with some scotch tape, in the process of removing the door I accidentally broke the door, but its a non issue, the door was more cosmetic then it was actually functional, the DVD/CD burner blocks out any dust or contamination from other sources.

The original keyboard of this desktop will come free (maybe), but the original mouse that came with this machine died on me about a year or two ago.
The keyboard is in good shape, only issue here is that the paint is coming off on the front of it, its non toxic I assure you as its the same kind of finish that comes with mice and keyboards.
Its a multimedia keyboard, it has buttons for a web search, a button to the HP club (which is kind of useless now with only linux on it)
A button for internet
A button for info and a button for email.
There are other buttons like:
A button for sleep mode
A button for eject (though only one is detected with linux)
I have a burn DVD button that doesnt bloody work
a rewind button
a previous button
a play/pause button
a next song button
and a sop button
It also has the standard volume controls, volume up, volume down and mute.
Now I sort of am debating if I want to include this keyboard in the price or not because it is a multimedia keyboard and it does work, if I were to include it in the price I would sell it for maybe $15 or so, its a good keyboard so money is welcome, its a good ol PS/2type keyboard though so thus the reason why I price it the way it is.
Considering the price of some multimedia keyboards I think its a good deal, like I said oly issue with it is the paint is rubbing off and there are a few scratches here and there.
I will offer to buy a new mose for it for the new user, but I want to be payed back, I will probably buy a logitech multimedia mouse and pop the cost on the bill, reason being is that well I want my end user to have a good experience with this machine and well I do need another mouse as the others we have are being used currently. I dont want my buyer mouseless so I will offer a new mouse as a part of the package.

Now there is one other issue with this computer, and that is the inner parts like the CD/dvd drives are a little loose, reason being is that when installing the newer DVD/CD burner in it there was this stupid green plastic thing in it that made sure I could not upgrade it easily (stupid planned obsolescence!)
So I had to tear the stupid thing out, otherwise I would not be able to pop the newer DVD/CD burner out.
So the parts are a little loose but not too much of a concern, they slide back only when you do the recommended monthly maintenance by blowing out dust and debris, but they are easy enough to slide back into place and will stay put when the desktop is upright.

Other then all that she is a fine computer, she might have a old and obsolete processor but she can still kick, I keep her well maintained by cleaning it out once a month, that means power supply, inner core, and everything else so that things go smoothly.
The power fan for the processor only goes off with more heavy stuff, this computer would not be ideal if you are a video producer or anything of that sort, she doesnt have the power for it.

So yeh there is my computer, I would give it to good will or something but I want some extra cash when buying my new compy.
I am planning on buying one of these beuties:
Inspiron Zino HD Desktop | Dell

I have done my homework on them, they seem to have a good track record, only three or so bad posts about them, worst issue was overheating but I could buy a chill pad for it

The price will be $384.99 for the machine, while in a few weeks before I would buy it I would have the money I got other issues to worry about (like the leak in our roof, I can manage it but I do need a new compy for my workload.
And windows 7 is sort of needed now though not fully for me to keep my job.)

So what am I going to sell this for then?
Well at least $120 to $130 plus cost of mouse and new drives.
I know I cannot be too greedy with it, with an out of date video card, low HDD specs and obsolete processor but I would at least want some good money for it.
I would sell for $115, but thats as low I personally will go.
The processors fine and in working order, it is good for younger folk who dont have lots of money and its a very reliable computer.
And I swear to whatever deity you may or may not believe in that this machine will be in good shape, i dont play around and I take good care of my electronics.
Now the only reason why I dont plan on selling this on Ebay or something is the lack of windows on it, I long since removed windows from the equation here so selling it without windows on Ebay can get me into trouble (there was this story I know about a teenager that got killed because of his misdeeds on ebay)
So selling it to a member of the linux community.
Now there will be only one major hitch, I will not sell to anyone outside the US, its too troublesome these days.
I will only accept money orders, but will only ship this computer after I receive and confirm the payment.
I am putting trust in you my fellow linuxers, but its still a good idea to make sure that payment is made.
I will ship this computer whenever I can, it depends on my work schedule so it might take three days to ship this thing out and it might take over a week for the computer to arrive.
If the computer does not come within 30 days I will refund your money, no strings attached.
The only other thing I ask for is the cost of shipping, this thing is kind of heavy and you know how the mail service is.
I will see if i can mail it via UPS or FedEx, I am not sure how much they charge for shipping but I would like to include it in the price.
These are not final prices, they will fluctuate as I communicate with you all.

I have some pictures ready that my husband took of it:

The computer:

The Keyboard

The ever famous HP logo as it was in 2006:


And the frikkin brown (not black) cat who likes electronics and acts like a dog.
Thats what that fuzzy thing is in the keyboard pic


My husband took these with our webcam as our phone cameras are too grainy, the USB plug you see taken up was for the webcam as the cord was too short ifrom the back to take the shots we needed

Could always work as a pretty good server!

What region are you in, maybe somebody closer can be enticed by saving on shipping and picking it up?

And what is the speed of the P4?

Oh, and is the cat for sale too? :wink: Not that my 5 would really like another one in the house!

According to cpu info:

processor : 0
vendor_id : GenuineIntel
cpu family : 15
model : 4
model name : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.93GHz
stepping : 9
cpu MHz : 2930.767
cache size : 1024 KB
physical id : 0
siblings : 2
core id : 0
cpu cores : 1
apicid : 0
initial apicid : 0
fdiv_bug : no
hlt_bug : no
f00f_bug : no
coma_bug : no
fpu : yes
fpu_exception : yes
cpuid level : 5
wp : yes
flags : fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm pbe nx lm constant_tsc pebs bts pni dtes64 monitor ds_cpl tm2 cid cx16 xtpr lahf_lm
bogomips : 5861.53
clflush size : 64
cache_alignment : 128
address sizes : 36 bits physical, 48 bits virtual
power management:

processor : 1
vendor_id : GenuineIntel
cpu family : 15
model : 4
model name : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.93GHz
stepping : 9
cpu MHz : 2930.767
cache size : 1024 KB
physical id : 0
siblings : 2
core id : 0
cpu cores : 1
apicid : 1
initial apicid : 1

And no the cats not for sale

I live in pennsylvania by the way.

Alright I will change the stakes a little, I will now have my 650GB HDD on the buyers block in the price, if everyone feels my computer is only worth 100 dollars then next logical thing is to include the price I want for the memory and the HDD.
The HDD is still very new and is worth $51.48 at the least on the market.
The memory is about $41.99 right now, maybe to justify the price I might up the memory to 4GB
So the way I see it I am willing to price this unit at $130 mainly because of the memory upgrades I intend to make and I will try to find a cheaper CD/DVD drive.
I will also justify the price by preinstalling microsoft office 2007, my legal copy of it has only been registered once on my old windows computer and apparently it doesnt call home with wine.
I might have to spend money to make money off this old gal.


Two weeks ago, I replaced both my DVD burners with Lite-On Lightscribe enabled drives for 24.99 each. Tiger Direct mail order.
A couple of weeks before that, I bought 4 Seagate Barracuda I terrabyte HDs for $70 each. Office Max.

Good luck!


Yes I have seen them cheeper, but the one I saw I think had blu ray support too, if its $80 its the cheapest blu ray drive I know of and I might install it for those who want to try that format out for burning (as linux does not support blu ray movies thanks to ********)

Edit: wait a minute the language filter does not work for ******** but yet filters out Crap? (I cheated the language filter there by using bold after the C in ****)

Now that really is ********, why censor the lesser swear word but not the real thing?
The language filter needs some work methinks.

I see s sig line in there!


A linux computer coming without ‘cat’ can’t be sold lol!

BTW: what you describe is the kind of hardware I would give away for free provided I could find someone who would take it.

Take the PC apart and sell the parts individually on ebay.

Considering this is slightly more powerful than my current (best) system, keep me in mind when you’re getting rid of stuff :wink: !

Hello, i would offer a trade-in value on your system for one of the inspiron zune’s but the ones i sell are the very high end systems with 6 gig ram and all of my systems have a three year on site service plan and a 20" monitor with keyboard and mouse. these are small but powerful (a good choice for the size).

Well I am going to porbably toss in my monitor and my logitech mouse/keyboard combo.
Maybe that will justify price, my logitech mouse/keyboard was $80 brand new.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble but $130-150 IMHO, for you PC with keyboard, mouse, 80hd, broken CD/DVD face. As someone mentioned, you could pick up $120 just selling the memory (2x1?) and 80Gb HD as parts. To be fair, I have seen $200-300 asking prices on Craigslist for PCs not too much different from yours.

I trust eBay vendors, they are rated, most ship on time, haven’t had problems with goods purchased, shipping prices can be calculate at the UPS site. Craigslist is localized to state or city, sellers control where buyer meet for the sale and pickup. Compare your system to those listed in your city’s Craigslist.

I wouldn’t waste money putting Blu-Ray into a single core system with integrated video that can’t play HD at least not well.

I understand you want to sell it running openSUSE but IMHO, you’d get more buyers higher price if you sold it with its HP restore disks and restored the original Windows system.

I agree, I wouldnt just give it away. If you have the time, I would try and sell it for more money first up…then if it doesnt work sell it cheaper. Don´t rip yourself off. The cat wants a shiny new computer to sit on hahaa!!

No I am not putting Blu ray in this compy, but it does need a new DVD/cd drive