GOING MAD!!! Nvidia drivers bugging EVERYTHING!!!

Since I installed the nVidia drivers(180.29 64bit), everything BUGS!!! I lost my sound on ANYTHING that has to do with flash player, my default fonts changed(even their size), FF3 is VERY slow, and games(native) have trouble running. My FPS suddenly drops as well as my PING! EVERYTHING worked FINE before installing those STUPID drivers! WHat can I do??? I already reinstalled FF3, Flash player, and the nVidia Drivers SEVERAL times!

Are you installed the driver from YaST or on the “hard-way” from Terminal?
The newest driver is 180.35. Here is the like to the ftp site:
Download the driver and follow the instructions here:
Nvidia Installer HOWTO for SUSE LINUX users.

On the official website, it says 180.29 is the latest version…

Yeah, sorry the 180.35 is just beta. Whatever, the important thing is that you need to install it from the .bin package. The corrupted xorg.conf is causing the font and video corruptions. A new installation from .bin will overwrite these settings.