Gnus starter guide


As with every Emacs user, I have a need to use Emacs for EVERYTHING,
because is can, and it’s the best tool for the job, whatever the job may
be (OK, a bit of an exaggeration).

This led me to work out how to use Gnus, as a news-reader, and is what
I’m going to be using to view/participate in the forums from now on.

But in learning how to use Gnus, I had to do a lot of research on
various web-sites and even asked for help in the #emacs & #gnus IRC

To make this process less painful for other users, I decided to create a
Gnus page on the openSUSE Wiki, I also greatly expanded the Emacs page
and included some basic key commands, to give the new user the
information needed to start using Emacs.

I’ll be adding to / maintaining / updating both pages whenever I have
time, please take a look and give me any feedback & ideas of what else
I should add.

The pages are:

At the moment I am thinking of adding:

  • A section on using Gnus for reading E-mail
  • Adding additional news sources
  • Additional customisation of the ‘~/.gnus.el’ file
  • A section on using Emacs for writing documents in LaTeX
  • A brief guide to setting up using Rmail to read E-mail
  • A section on using W3M in Emacs for web browsing
  • A section on Dired in Emacs
  • A section on customisation of the ‘.emacs’ file
  • A section on Ispell spell checker in Emacs
  • A section on Major modes
  • Expanding the lookup table

Thank you.

Barry Nichols