gnuradio missing RTL-SDR source block


I recently purchased a USB style Software Defined Radio (SDR) that according to the documentation works with gnuradio. As I’m wading through searches, and discussing my situation, I find that the package installed through the opensuse repositories does not include the RTL-SDR source block. So I thought I’ll get the source from the repository and make the necessary changes and recompile it. Well I can’t seem to find the rpm. I know I can get the source code the gnuradio’s website, or git, but my concern is there could be pathing and dependency differences which I could avoid from an rpm source.

Could this be a software bug, that I could report for resolution, or should I just bite the bullet and compile the non-opensuse src?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


It is not really a bug it is just a package that is not included in the build service. You could do a request for it. But it sounds like a rather special application which may not have many followers.

Building it your self is not that hard the make will tell you what is missing. Generally you want the development version of the packages needed which sometimes confuses people.

you can find the source rpm here

a bit newer but from an extra repo

you could also try a build from the non-standard repositories there are 5 other repo’s that provide that rpm.

Currently we provide only GNU Radio without additional packages in main repository. Science repository contains never versions of GNU Radio, as development project. Unfortunately we don’t have enough manpower to create packages for all software.
So you have few choices:

  • build packages locally,
  • create packages in OBS home project,
  • use unofficial packages (maybe someone created them).

If you have knowledge for package maintaining, I can create repository for GNU Radio addons.

I would consider building locally if I could get some direction in doing so. Maybe later once I’m familiar with the procedure, we could do the home project, or addons like you suggested. I did download the src rpm from the source repository, and didn’t see anything about rtl-sdr, which makes sense based on your comment.