Hi and good day

I have not been able to use opengpg in thunderbird while in opensuse.
all programs seem to be up to date. Have keys etc…
anyone else having problems?

Have you installed “enigmail” from the repos?

It is alwyas nice and helpfull to your helpers to tell which version of openSUSE you use.

I should have emphasized that you need “enigmail” from the standard repos (installed via Yast, for example). Installing “enigmail” from the Thunderbird extension site did not work the last time I tried that, though it did tell me that I needed to use the one from the standard repos.

That appears to have been ‘solved’ since around TB 21 …

The current Enigmail 1.6 (20131006-1849) from TB Extensions site works OK with TB 24.5.0

Thanks. Appreciated.