Gnucash reports. Anyone get them to work?

I’m running Gnucash in KDE 3.5 and all is well apart from the reports which
are a bag of rats - if that’s not being unfair to rats.

Budget Report: All this does is to display the message: “This report
requires you to specify certain report options.” Needless to say, it
matters not a jot as to how many or what options I specify - I still get
the same answer.

Tax Report: This displays my tax report for “Period from 2006-Sep-01 to
2006-Dec-31” regardless of what period I specify.

Cash Flow: If I use the default values, I get a decent report - and the
period matches what I asked for. The only trouble is that some accounts
aren’t included. If I add more accounts I get more trouble and if I select
all accounts the report tells me my total income for the year was £0.00 and
the Expenditure was also £0.00. At least I had a balanced budget.

Is this program one which will only work in Gnome or is it just as awkward

Graham P Davis, Bracknell, Berks., UK. E-mail: newsman not newsboy