Gnucash on Opensuse 11.4 64bit

Just had a fresh install of 11.4 and found that Gnucash crashes every time I try to run any report. It wasn’t happening on RC2 though. Already tried to:

  • reinstall Gnucash
  • upgrade from Factory
  • reinstall Opensuse
  • create a different file (created a new one)
    Did anybody experience the same issue?
    Does anybody have an idea what could cause that and how to fix it?

Thank you!

Mine installed fine and opens existing account but when I try to import bank transactions they do not appear in the existing accounts!



My mistake.

Imported to wrong account.

I have the same problem with reports and it’s driving me crazy. the terminal output for the crashing part is:

(gnucash:16332): gnc.scm-DEBUG: column-info-list=(0 1 2)
(gnucash:16332): gnc.html-DEBUG: [impl_webkit_show_data] Loading uri 'file:////tmp/gnc-report-CJ0DYV.html'
(gnucash:16332): gnc.html-DEBUG: [gnc_html_parse_url] parsing file:////tmp/gnc-report-CJ0DYV.html, base_location (null base_location)
(gnucash:16332): gnc.gui-DEBUG: [gnc_plugin_page_report_load_cb] parsed id=0
(gnucash:16332): gnc.gui-DEBUG: [gnc_plugin_add_actions] merge_id is 16

I can find the report in the tmp directory and open it with web browser, but is quite difficult to use it like that :frowning:

any ideas?