Gnucash 2.2.4 and SUSE 11.0 [OFXDirectconnect]

I was using SUSE 10.3 and Gnucash 2.2.2 and OFXDirectconnect was working without any problems. Well, I upgraded to SUSE 11.0 [KDE 4.0 desktop] and installed Gnucash version 2.2.4 as provided by SUSE. Now when I try to configure my online banking, OFXDirectconnect is not listed as a backend option. How do I fix this?

I’m having the same problem, did you ever find a fix?

Update: I downloaded Gnucash 2.2.6 from the OpenSuse build site ** which enabled OFXDirectconnect. However, I am only able to retrieve transactions [online] for my Citibank credit card. When I try to retrieve transactions from my Charles Schwab account I am unable to.**