GNU mailman


I’ve upgraded my Leap 15.2 VPS to 15.3 yesterday.
SMOOTHEST upgrade ever (started from 13.1 long ago…), so cool that additional repos could now be used during zypper dup,
THANKS TO ALL who made this possible!!!

Only thing left for me is that on 15.3 my GNU mailman instance which also ran on my VPS has gone. When I look at, it seems that even for TW no current pkgs for mailman exist, anymore. Even the community repos host older version than 15.2, 15.2 has current mailman 2 version (2.1.34).

Question: No one using mailman with (open)SUSE (anymore)?

It’s not that urgent, I’ve used mailman only for a small group of volunteers in a non-profit project (to avoid WhatsApp :)), but I like mailman. Bloody powerful…

If no one uses for openSUSE, what are you using, if a mailing list mgr is needed? Ezmlm?


For Tumbleweed it’s the python version of mailman python3-mailman it’s also built for Leap 15.3 but not in the released version…

This would be the one to consider

Just in case some comes to this in the future. I locked the mailman package in YaST and then upgraded. Mailman was not uninstalled and still works as far as I can tell.