GNU/Linux support for selected legacy graphic hardware to stop ? ...

According to Phoronix, GNU/Linux support for a number of different legacy graphic hardware devices is to stop soon: [Phoronix] Legacy Mesa Drivers Receive Their Death Sentence](

In particular the drivers that appear on the verge of being dropped from the Mesa tree are all DRI1 drivers, which include: i810, Mach64, MGA, R128, Savage, SiS, and Tdfx.

The dropping of i810 support in particular IMHO will impact a number of users.

Sort of sad news IMHO, but if no one is willing to volunteer to do the maintenance, while disappointing it is not a complete surprise.

Wow that is Sad news for some to be sure if your computer is 12+ years old. The list you posted “i810, Mach64, MGA, R128, Savage, SiS, and Tdfx” includes all of the old GPU’s I have used in the past with the exception of Tdfx which I don’t recognize. The list is like an old home coming to me. I do understand the need to remove unmaintained code and wonder how useful really old computers might be. While I am one for keeping old PC hardware working, the five to six year old point seems to have more issues than I want to try and fix. Like all things, one must be able to afford to replace the older machine in the first place and using old equipment might not be by choice. Thanks for this bit of interesting news oldcpu.

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