gnu/linux host;single win7 installation shared by bare metal and vmware; "i wanna blow sometin up"

Hello All,

I ran across these two guides for running a single installation of XP/Win7 natively and in a virtualbox vm … I’m intrigued!

HOWTO: Windows XP in both VM and native (View topic) •
HOWTO: Windows 7: In both VM and native (View topic) •

Does anyone know of similar literature, but with VMWare?

Anyone interested in helping me write it?

Could someone recommend a good psychiatrist?

All suggestions, warnings, tips, references, bibliographies, horror stories, success stories, and miscellaneous rants are welcome and appreciated.

Apologies in advance to anyone offended by this thread not being very OpenSUSE specific … but it might still be fun!



P.S. … I really want to see if this is possible :slight_smile:

As I recall there was a write up on the VMware site. But that was many moons ago.

Hello All,

Just as an FYI to whomever might be interested, I followed the VirtualBox instructions … works VERY nicely. I tried to replicate the configuration in VMWare … ooof … VMWare is NOT designed to be quite so flexible … would not boot correctly and partially hosed the win7 install ( nothing hard to fix … just mbr & little file system ickiness ).

So far though … the VBox solution is REALLY NICE! My only complaint is that it does not seem to do as good a job with memory management as VMWare … and my 2gb ram are feeling rather small.

As far as I can tell, the only remaining issue I have is to write a udev rule to give my uid ownership of the native device. Currently, I’m running VirtualBox as root. My other option is to add myself to the disks group … not the best idea … but I think a udev rule should do the trick.