gnu data language

Does anyone know how to get this on OpenSUSE 15.x?

Thanks! PattiM

PS: I missed the “changeover” so I guess this is a new account for me.

Send an email to the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom with old account information (username and email) and can merge the old with the new. Can you log into the likes of bugzilla with your new account?

Looks like GDL (Gnu Data Language) is available for TW at

You can submit a request to bugzilla to have it built for other distros and versions if you wish.

According to the description in Wikipedia,

There is a version of GDL that hooks into the Python compiler.
I don’t think that exists in the openSUSE repos at the moment but I would expect it to be a part of PyPi (The official Python repositories).
You can deploy a Python from PyPi side by side with the openSUSE python libraries, I describe some of this in my unanswered Development Forum post asking if anyone knew how to make the Python 2 plugin for Pyenv run. If you do this with python3, that problem won’t affect you.


I have a thread on installaton problems of gnudatalangage (gdl) from source from about a month ago. Look that up

I installed gdl from git hub gnudatalanague (gdl) from source into leap 15.1. After much difficultly especially with the linking, it runs and passed 200+ tests (approx 90%). So I think it runs. There is no gui though only commandline. Took a lot of search to break the logjam with the linking and the changes are lost to me. If you get hung up, I will try to retrieve the details.

There is an ide gui called gdlde also on git hub. This doesn’t compile and the gradle compilation is incomprehensible to me. it does not work and I don’t know how to fix it and there are some version mismatches. I have been unsuccessful compiling the ide . eclipse ide has an idl/gdl plugin that I also cannot get working.

I did compile both gdl and the ide for it on previous versions of openSUSE like, 42.3, i think. no problem

Hope this helps

tom kosvic

Did you try ?]: zypper --no-refresh se gdl

It shows for 15.2


There is gdl, it’s not the same as gdl-language… :wink:

If you have to compile something, that crosses the line from ordinary Users to needing Developer insight, so your post would probably have been better suited for one of the Developer forums, likely the Programming/Scripting which serves as a catch-all when one of he other Developer Forums isn’t suitable

I’m guessing that the last log you posted containing an error likely has to do with a missing dependency, likely an MPI package.
If you installed necessary MPI packages, then maybe the Makefile has a hard coded path that isn’t suitable for openSUSE (should be simple to fix).

If you used a script to build, that would be useful for those that might want to attempt to do the same,
else it looks like a bit of work to locate all those dependencies but not an impossible job.


tsu2, your comments are completely erroneous.

The development forums of openSUSE are for discussion of the development of openSUSE not for development of applications like gld (gnudatalanaguage). Thus your comments are inaccurate. Compilation of an app to run on a particular OS is also not development of the app. Compilation from github is simply a means of getting an app to run and sometimes requires adjustment and tweaks for different OS. Compilation in no way crosses the line from User to Developer of the app. People have tried compiling gdl for opensuse and have been unsuccessful as can be seen in the build service. I got gdl running and was conveying to pattiM that it is possible. I have not yet gotten gdlde (the ide for gd) to compile from github and have abandoned those efforts.

I appreciate the correction if it was true.

The Development Forums

I’d suggest you look through the posts in the Development Forums to see what Q&A are posted there.
I’m sure you won’t find much if any postings in the Programming/Scripting sub-forum that are about openSUSE core components.
I also doubt you’d find any in the Studio/Studio Express forum, that tool isn’t used to build openSUSE core components.
Maybe you’ll find some posts in the OBS forum, but I think the majority are about building apps in private repos.
I don’t know why the OBS-Education forum is still around, the project was abandoned awhile ago. Maybe there is hope someone will pick it up again, it was a very popular and discussed special version of openSUSE for years.

Agreed that not everyone might agree on a definition of Development, but to me it’s writing code which then might be compiled but can alternatively be run through an interpreter. So, if the code is compiled, to me you’ve crossed the line from an ordinary User who just wants a package manager to give you what is needed and install an application so it’s running on your machine to someone who is writing instruction code. So, for instance in PattiM’s case, if the code doesn’t compile and run, then the code needs to be modified, whether it’s simple configuration or more substantial.

The Development Forums is a resource for anyone who writes code(or wants to write code) for any purpose on openSUSE.


I’m not really good (not a linux programmer) but many things compile extremely easily - netcdf and openmpi come to mind - with just ./configure, ./make check, and ./make all install - so it really depends on how well the gdl folks have done their make scripts. I guess I was asking after this. Some things are completely easy to make, at least in opensuse.

Hi Kosvic - thanks for the info - I guess their makefiles aren’t very good as are the (simpler?) installs of netcdf and openmpi (both of which compile easily from source via their makefiles). I’ve installed these from source many times in opensuse using just the configure/make/make-install route.