GNU Cash and Estimates

I’m looking to use GNU Cash (I’m using GNU Cash 2.2.9) more for my business. I need to create Invoices & Estimates ( I already use it for my register). Generally, in other applications I will create an Estimate & then use the information to create the invoice. The trouble I’m having in GNU Cash, is I’m only able to create invoices. Is there a way to change the name, from invoice to estimate? If not, is there a way to add an estimate function that would mirror the invoice function except for the name?

If this can be added is there a way to take the estimate and create an invoice based exactly on the information in the estimate and export to an invoice? The only change would be the name, from estimate to invoice. The bottom line, I can’t send an estimate that says invoice, since it is an estimate of cost & not an invoice of services completed.

It looks that. here is described the solution for your question: FAQ - GnuCash
but if you need both then I suppose it is necessary to duplicate the file, modify and somehow to load it in the application

Thanks for the reply, it looks like I have to install GNUCash-devel to give this a try. I will try this later.

Sorry if this seems mundane, I’ve never changed something like this.

If I do as suggested from FAQ - GnuCash which says

How do I change “Invoice” to “Tax Invoice” as required in Australia?

A: Edit invoice.scm and change (define invoice-name (N_ "Invoice Number" )) to (define invoice-name (N_ "Tax Invoice Number" )). If you are using tax tables to calculate GST and add it as an automatic subtotal, then you should also change the line "grand-total" (_ "Tax"))) to "grand-total" (_ "GST"))). There's another section around line 630 which says (title (_ "Invoice")) which should be edited similarly. If you use fancy invoice, look around line 705 for this: (gnc:html-table-cell-append-objects! invoice-cell (_"INVOICE")) Also in Easy Invoice From ->(add-html! document (sprintf #f (_ "Invoice #%d") To -> (add-html! document (sprintf #f (_ "Tax Invoice #%d") 

A better way would be to substitute invoice.scm and the other similar files, fancy-invoice.scm and easy-invoice.scm, with files allowing editing of tax names and titles such as the ones in this gnucash devel list thread entitled World friendlier printable invoices. Make sure to close all reports before updating the files. 

Should I expect to change all the invoice words to estimates, since I’m trying to add an estimate function. Because in the example it is keeping the invoice, but it is adding one word, ‘tax’.

It seems, if I add estimate in these locations and take out invoice, this will mess up the file, since the rest of the file deals with invoicing?

If this is not correct, how can I add an estimate function to Reports/Business. Right now I can go there and do invoicing. I want to keep the invoice function since I need that, but add easy-estimates, fancy-estimates, & printable-estimates. Will this be making files and adding estimate.scm, fancy-estimate.scm and easy-estimate.scm to /usr/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report? If so how?

Sorry if this is confusing, that is where I am at.

What about creating a new Client and generating estimate (invoices) under that name. Not ideal I know - but possible. You may be able to use Billing ID or Invoice ID lines to identify and retrieve them for viewing at a later date.

Not a bad idea, I will give this a try, when I get a chance; sorry for any delays, I been without internet for the last few days.