Gnu Backgammon

Hi everybody, my question seems to be simple: why Gnu Backgammon (from GNU Backgammon) is available in openSuse 10.3 and not in 11.1 ? I tried to install it but there are some libraries needed that I can’t find them in 11.1.
For debian users (Ubuntu) there is a procedure explained on gnubg site and it works (I tried it when I was using Ubuntu, before switching to openSuse!), but with rpm packages some libraries are not found.
Thanks in advance.

There is a Backgammon game in Packman, have you checked?

I believe that one is java based there is also a kde one but from what I remember gnubackgammon whips kde’s one.

Well I’ve just tried it keeps getting an error on dbprovider.c:96 well I just commented it out and have it compiling but I really don’t know what I’ve commented out.

So once you have all the devel files so from the install where it says devel file make them read lib*-devel except glib2 iirc. Then edit dbprovider.c by commenting out line 96. I tried to get it to go in with checkinstall but failed to find the magic incantation. I got closer a few times with various configure flags similar to --prefix=/usr --bindir=/usr/bin --sysconfdir=/etc --mandir=/usr/share/man but still didn’t quite get it. So ended up using make install but then you’ll have to keep the source if you ever wish to uninstall it.

Hopefully that lot will help strange its not on a repo though beats the pants out of the couple I’ve seen. Perhaps this might inspire someone to put it on OBS

Do you mean JGammon? It’s not the same. GnuBg is one of the best backgammon programs: it uses neural nets and much more.