GNOME's website has only Tumbleweed's version outdated?

Edit: It’s reported here: Outdated versions in `Getting GNOME` page (#37) · Issues · Teams / Engagement / Websites / Main Site · GitLab

GNOME can be selected when installing openSUSE, with the rolling release version, Tumbleweed, currently providing GNOME 45

Fedora 40 came out recently and has GNOME 46. Arch is rolling and also has 46. News articles seem to report openSUSE and Arch getting 46 around the same time (Mar 24th-25th), and TW definitely has 46 today.

Why is openSUSE the only one with an outdated version on GNOME’s page?

@Espionage724 I see you found

Not much control over others website information…


I noticed as well that they listed Leap 15.4 as the latest release of Leap, rather than 15.5, so I’ve added a comment there.

But yeah, to get an answer to the question of why it’s outdated there, OP would need to ask the GNOME folks.

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They removed version numbers, so now I guess it’s solved for good :stuck_out_tongue:

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