Gnomenu problem

I installed Gnomenu 2.9 from this repo and ad it to the gnome-panel. Everything worked great until I started to try out some themes. Now the menu wont show up but I can configure the gnomenu?

I also tried gnomenu 2.8 from this repo but the problem was the same.

Any help on this is really appreciated.

Edit: JUst found out that the menu shows if I set the gnome-panel to “top” instead of bottom. The Gnomenu icon is upside down, but at least the menu shows when I click the icon. Maybe it is something in my compiz or emerald settings that blocks the menu from showing?

Uninstall any version that you have installed first, I’ve updated my repo for the 2.9 version (might take a little while to sync though) and install that one. Can you confirm if your system is 32 or 64bit as well.


I removed previous version and repository, then installed version 2.9 from your repository. After a reboot I enabled Gnomenu again but the problem is the same. When using gnome-panel on top position it works, but not standard position at bottom of the screen. I run 32-bit system of openSUSE 11.3

Appreciate your contribution with the repository and any help. Will check if there is any compiz effect that blocks the menu from showing. Also to point out, you seem to forgot to add the suse icons to Gnomenu? suse and bluesuse icons are not there.

I disabled the effects and the gnomenu works. Will look more into it.

I done a few updates, mainly for the 64bit version. I’ve added an openSUSE button theme as a test, can you look at this? Or perhaps a suggestion for a different icon?

I don’t know why but for some reason your build of Gnomenu isn’t working that good or you forgot to update it correctly? I don’t have all the themes and buttons that Gnomenu from the XND repo has and your build is a bit unstable. If I change a theme all my settings in Gnomenu are also lost. It’s like Gnomenu resets its configurations after restarting the applet. If you try the version from XND you will see there are a nice buttons for openSUSE and the Win7 theme is also there.

That package has been customized and differs from the original source
(I personally wouldn’t use it). The correct way for that is for that
user to package up/identify etc…

Here is the spec file;

So what’s not working on the version I have built. If you start it from the command line and test; run-in-window

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 (x86_64) Kernel
up 8 days 8:40, 2 users, load average: 0.04, 0.09, 0.06
GPU GeForce 8600 GTS Silent - Driver Version: 260.19.36

I found the openSUSE logo you added and it’s ok, but I highly recommend to use this ones at deviantart

Here is the output message I get

gconf backend
GnoMenu 2.9
settings load
gmenu found, using it as default menu parser
shaping window
/usr/lib/gnomenu/ DeprecationWarning: PyArray_FromDimsAndDataAndDescr: use PyArray_NewFromDescr.
  for row in self.colorpb.get_pixels_array():
Error reading web bookmarks
Using own key method - binding
position changed
X protocol error:
<class 'Xlib.error.BadAccess'>: code = 10, resource_id = 469, sequence_number = 7, major_opcode = 33, minor_opcode = 0

When testing and then closing the menu I get this error

( Bonobo-WARNING **: Never got frame, control died - abnormal exit condition
/usr/lib/gnomenu/ DeprecationWarning: PyArray_FromDimsAndDataAndDescr: use PyArray_NewFromDescr.
  for row in colorpb.get_pixels_array():
focus lost
focus lost
focus lost
Fatal Python error: PyEval_RestoreThread: NULL tstate
1f4818b3-9c54-1b84-0ba6496d-6f14b3d4 is dumped

** (bug-buddy:8672): WARNING **: Couldn't load /etc/xdg/autostart/ksmolt-autostart.desktop: Invalid key name: X-KDE-autostart-condition$e

I will use your build and happy to help out with testing it.

OK, I’ve added the SuSEOrb Button only at this point (not sure of the windows 7 one or if it’s a potential copyright issue). I’ve also updated the requires, so see if that helps.

The three files are;
gnomenu, gnomenu-lang and gnomenu-opensuse-branding

See how this one goes with the previous command.

I did some further testing of Gnomenu and compared performance with other menus. Decided to go for the “Menu bar” applet for now which performs good. Thanks for showing interest to help out with the problem I had from the start and good luck with future builds of Gnomenu.