Gnome3 system level autostart

Hopefully this hasn’t been asked as I’ve searched around quite a bit.
I am looking for a gui way to disable autostarting of programs found in /etc/xdg/autostart as well as adding them to it. I already know to use the tweaks gui, but that does not list anything in /etc/xdg/autostart.

I think if you run


Or that may no longer work

So this might help

gnome-session-properties does not even exist on 13.2 and extension simply runs this command, so it would not help as well (assuming it is installable at all, as it is two years old). It looks like this functionality is one of those removed from GNOME.

Really handy.
Google around and you’ll likely come up with some answers

I tried the gnome-session-properties route and found it didn’t work. That’s what 90% of the posts I found around the Internet referred to. Oh well, I’ll just stick to removing them manually for now.
I was hoping for an easy GUI way that I could help family members over the phone with.