I have recently changed to using gnome3 shell and after an initial familiarisation i find its usability far better than other desktops and judging by the recent articles and blogs it will be the future so the earlier people start using it the better it will be. I am sure there will be a few bugs to fix, but one thing I have noticed is that in the applications list the app for ‘Desk Top Effects’ is there, given that gnome 3 does not use compiz nad actually uses clutter why is it there. My curiosity got the better of me and i tried to enable it, which resulted in immeadiate crash!!

So be warned, (unless I am missing something)…


The Gnome Shell uses Mutter as it’s compositing window manager, the Desktop Effects dialog is most likely left there as of course, 11.4 shipped with Gnome 2 and as such Compiz was a viable option for Compositing.

As far as I’m aware there is no way to use Compiz within Gnome-Shell, besides, Mutter is a pretty slick window manager

I agree, but alot of people will be unaware that trying to use it will cause a crash, so perhaps it should be removed from the shell, unless in some way it is used for the gnome 2 fallback option, but i’m no expert!

You’re right it should somehow be hidden by default under Gnome 3, however it’s only leftover as this is an upgrade to Gnome 3. The fallback mode, AFAIK uses Metacity for window managing. I don’t think Compiz will ship as default in 12.1, which looks set to come with Gnome 3 as default.