Gnome2.24/OS11.1 - No notifications in taskbar!

Hello everyone,

I’ve posted about the fact that I didn’t get any battery warnings or notifications.

But then I realised: I get no notifications at all! As mentioned, no battery warnings, but also no network notifications or new update notifications. I used to get notifications like “you are connected to the netwerk …” or “there are 2 updates waiting” but now, nothing what so ever!

Does anyone have a similar problem, or better, a solution?


with battery warning i’m on the same page as you. as for updates, i got yesterday update notification.
i think it should be reported as bug (if not already)

I had a similar problem with 11.0 at one point. It was to do with dbus not running.

My solution was to go through “Install Software” and search for dbus and reinstall everything that came up.


good luck

@nikotron: you are right - I got an update notification too yesterday.

But the thing is: I don’t get battery warnings, but strangely enough I don’t get network notifications too! Nothing like “you are now connected to network …”

@kaptroger: I’ve reinstalled power-manager, d-bus, hal, libnotify - still doesn’t work…

But I’m starting to believe that it has nothing to do with either power-manager or network-manager… I think it has something to do with the software that triggers these messages, or displays them!
Could that be?

I’ve executed “lshal -m” and this is what I’ve got:

laptoproel:/home/francois.rwa # lshal -m

Start monitoring devicelist:
10:47:44.017: computer_power_supply_battery_BAT0 property battery.remaining_time = 2019 (0x7e3)
10:47:44.019: computer_power_supply_battery_BAT0 property battery.charge_level.percentage = 48 (0x30)
10:47:44.022: computer_power_supply_battery_BAT0 property = 70218 (0x1124a)
10:47:44.024: computer_power_supply_battery_BAT0 property battery.charge_level.last_full = 46812 (0xb6dc)
10:47:44.025: computer_power_supply_battery_BAT0 property battery.charge_level.current = 22844 (0x593c)
10:47:44.026: computer_power_supply_battery_BAT0 property battery.reporting.current = 1952 (0x7a0)
10:47:44.027: computer_power_supply_battery_BAT0 property battery.voltage.current = 11703 (0x2db7)

So hal is monitoring my battery, nothing wrong there I would say!


OK, this bug is seriously annoying me now
Yesterday I was typing a report when all of a sudden… my computer literally DIED - battery empty

This is to serious to ignore!
I’m going to downgrade to openSUSE 11.0

Thanks for all you help and… good luck