Gnome x doesnt start

Hi, thanks my first build, Gnome desktop and everything is fine and it just goes to a prompt. Any help with this would be appreciated,

thanks jerry

Did it ever work?

What video card?

No this is the first boot up after install, I am in vmware so it’s the vmware driver, which I have no problems with normally. I use an ATI card (booo!) but it doesn’t see that it sees vmware. Besides I ahve run tons of SUSE here this is the first time with this custom builder.

thanks for anything you can tell me.

Did you try to setup Xorg trough sax2 ?

No I hadn’t, I approached like normal SUSE, can I do that from the prompt?


Just log into root and do:
“init 3” and then “sax2” :slight_smile: