Gnome won't load on 11.2

I installed 11.2 from the live install, choosing Gnome. I ran the updates, then uninstalled several pieces of software that came pre-loaded.

Then I noticed that the menu Gnome editor didn’t work all of a sudden. I noticed that the “desktop background” right-click didn’t bring up the appearance preferences dialog. Then I couldn’t add anything to the panel. I never logged in as root or anything like this, or did anything other than install updates/uninstall a few applications (Evolution, etc)

So, I rebooted.

Then, instead of getting into Gnome, IceWM login screen loaded. Then IceWM. I guess this is a fail-safe in case the DE doesn’t load - and its good thinking!

But, does anyone have any ideas what could have caused this? (Gnome, Metacity/Compiz, GDM, Updates?)

Try re-installing and see if you can get the default install and updates working nicely before you start uninstalling stuff at random.

I am not an expert on GNOME, but from IceWM, you can still run Yast and then Software Management. I would search on GNOME and perhaps reinstall the important gnome packages that you might have removed.

Thank You,

This also true, but it’s easier if you switch to using the QT UI
Then re-install gnome base and desktop patterns

One critical error I made was installing updates and not re-booting right away. I will try that.

How to switch to using the QT UI?

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Thanks for this!

is the reasoning to switch to the QT UI so that I avoid using GTK while re-installing gnome base +packages, because this could lead to some complications?

The QT UI is far more intuitive that GTK. You have loads more options. Especially the filter view for the repos and the package switcher.
Go to View - Patterns
and reinstall gnome base and desktop