Gnome with KDE4 ?

Hello everyone,
I start using the suse 11.0 with KDE4 now i want to try the GNOME so as i knew there is no need to format again to use it , my question is how can i have the gnome now ? :confused:

You can do it from the YaST software module. Just choose the Gnome Desktop when in the “Pattern” menu.

So you mean i search for some thing called “Gnome Desktop” and install it ?
That is it all ?

OK i just install GNOME Desktop , now what ?

You must logout from this session and you will be required to login again using your username and password. If you get this screen, in the left-bottom side of this screen, you’ll find some options and if Gnome has been installed correctly, you must find gnome in the menu. If so choose Gnome and login as usual.