Gnome vs kde

Is there a way to toggle between a gnome and KDE desktops?

You can choose between them when you login, but not switch during a session.

That’s not quite true, you can have multiple monitors and start different Desktops on them from runlevel 3 :wink: One of the regulars on usenet alt.os.linux.suse does it from memory… will ping him for more information.

Well strictly speaking that’s two different sessions. So as I said, you can’t switch within a session because it’s the desktop manager that heads the session. :stuck_out_tongue:

I stand corrected… :wink: I’ve asked on usenet for posterity…

BTW I don’t doubt that it can be done as you have described, if you run a separate X server for each monitor.

You can type metacity --replace in KDE … and get the worst of both worlds … or export KDEWM in your environment to use another wm in KDE (like metacity or openbox).

Or you can have two sessions running on different screens on a single monitor and switch between them with CTRL-ALT-F7, CTRL-ALT-F8 (I’m doing it right now).

On 2011-06-08 01:36, ken yap wrote:
> BTW I don’t doubt that it can be done as you have described, if you run
> a separate X server for each monitor.

Even on the same monitor.

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Sounds like you need to write an article about how it’s done :wink:

So I could set up a second user that run’s a KDE desktop? Is there any advntages or disanvantages to either one?

No you don’t need a second user. You just need to choose the session type at the login screen. Provided you have both desktop environments installed that is.

No the KDE is not installed. The only choices it give me is Gnome, Ice WM, and TWM. How do I install KDE?

Install the pattern (not package) kde4.

Where do I do that from?
I am new.

YaST > Software > Software Management

There are several ways to do it. Here’s a simple method using startx and xinitrc.

Since 11.4, startx is kind of deprecated. So if you want to use it, you have to set back the suid bit as described in the release notes:

The setuid bit on /usr/bin/Xorg is needed for starting X as an unprivileged user, e.g., via startx. This method has been deprecated for years in favor of using a display manager. Modern environments rely on device ACLs and polkit privileges, which in turn depend upon consolekit tracking the active console, which is performed by the display manager.

Users who depend on the old configuration can set the setuid bit themselves in /etc/permissions.local by removing the comment sign from the following line:

#/usr/bin/Xorg                 root:root       4711

and running SuSEconfig --module permissions afterwards.

Then you could do it so:

  • boot in runlevel 3
  • login as user and type:

export WINDOWMANAGER=startkde

  • Once in KDE, open a terminal (no need to switch to console) an type:
export WINDOWMANAGER=gnome-session
startx -- :1 &

It starts a gnome session on tty8 and DISPLAY “:1.0”. You can switch back to KDE on tty7 by pressing CTRL-ALT-F7 and back to gnome with CTRL-ALT-F8. You can also send an application from Gnome to the KDE desktop or vice versa with the option -display. For example, typing the following in your Gnome session on screen 1 will start xclock in your KDE session on screen 0:

xclock -display :0.0
  • Would you like to start an Xfce session as well? Either in Gnome or in KDE, open a terminal and type:
export WINDOWMANAGER=xfce4-session
startx -- :2 &

It will start Xfce on tty9. Now you can use CTRL-ALT-F7, CTRL-ALT-F8 and CTRL-ALT-F9 to switch between KDE, Gnome and Xfce respectively on screens 0, 1 and 2.

  • Would you like to start LXDE too? … :wink:

Does not need an article. From the running session use the Kmenu > Quit > Change user (or even at a locked screen use the Change user). It brings you a login screen (on the next logical screen) and there you can login with the same or another username and (when installed of course) using the DE choice in a normal way) As please_try_again says, switch between these (and more) sessions with the Ctrl-Alt-Fn combination (where F1 gives the console and F2 - F6 give alternative consoles).

But I wonder if this is what the OP wanted to ask with “toggle”. I admit that most of us interprete this as “switch with one key combination” and of course that can’t be done within a running session.

But when the OP simply means the often asked question "can I use KDE and Gnome and other DEs by choosing one at login, then the answer is of course: yes. Install the one you haven’t (via YaST > Software > Software management; then use the Pattern View and look for the DE you want). And then at the login screen there is a Menu for choosing what DE you want when you login. (which is in fact ken_yap’s answer).

That’s right. Even much easier. You see what an old fashion guy I am. Under gnome, you can use gdmflexiserver. However it doesn’t seem to open a new session as the same user. I don’t think the OP meant “toggle” either. I was just answering Malcolm’s question.

Ok, lets settle down. I don’t think KDE is installed. I just need to know hot to install it and I can toggle when I log on.