Gnome Unusable on Fresh 13.1 Install

Hello everyone!

First time openSUSE user here asking for help. This is not my first time on Linux as I’ve used Ubuntu for a few years and I’m migrating to openSUSE now for personal reasons.

I just installed a fresh 64-bit openSUSE 13.1 Gnome, overwriting my previous Ubuntu partition. My Home folder is separate, but I’ve deleted all .* folders prior to installation. I need help making Gnome work, because icons are missing, some are replaced with the placeholder X icon, themes don’t apply and Gnome crashes when I attempt to transfer a window onto another workspace. In short, Gnome is pretty unusable. I’m writing this post now on Firefox, but with a crippled Gnome.

Notably, Gnome works perfectly fine on Live USB. Furthermore, the icons on the upper right (Power icon et. al) also work at the login screen, but things get nasty when you actually log in.

I hope to hear from you guys! Really excited to join the openSUSE community.


Many thanks!

Samsung R480 laptop
1st Gen Intel i5
Nvidia 330M

UPDATE: managed to solve this by accident. I was playing around and had to manually set everything to Adwaita under the Appearance section of the Gnome Tweak Tool. After that, everything’s dandy.

Thanks for the time and I apologize for any hassle on your part. Everything looks good now!

Perhaps a bug?

It was perhaps an incompatibility with your gnome settings left over from ubuntu (assuming that you kept the old “/home”).

Yeah, probably a theme was set that doesn’t exist on openSUSE by default.

And I guess that Gtk bug that makes it fall back to the wrong icon theme came into play as well… :wink: