Gnome Unlock Screen Showing SUSE Logo

Noticed that the unlock screen in Gnome shows the SUSE logo (see screenshot).
Not that I don’t like SUSE (quite the opposite!), but I am still wondering why not having the openSUSE logo.
Is this related to the preparation for Jump?

Likely a branding bug… don’t use lock very often, machines I do are running SLED, looks normal :wink: I would suggest reporting: openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE

This was already reported as Bug 1176304

Thanks for the link. If I read the bug info correctly, the patch made it to OBS a month ago and it is in state accepted. Wouldn’t it be then automatically provided as a patch?

You need to re-open the bug and ask if there will be a maintenance patch released for Leap 15.2…

Status of bug 1176304 is still NEW (1176304 – GDM showing openSUSE / SUSE logo). No need to re-open.
However, the SRs Request 833352: Submit gnome-shell-extensions - openSUSE Build Service Request 833351: Submit gnome-shell - openSUSE Build Service refer to GNOME:STABLE:3.34 / gnome-shell-extensions instead of Leap 15.2.

Will this make it into Leap or do I need to get active?

We are on Gnome 3.34, so that doesn’t look too far off.

As far as I know, the Gnome that we have in Leap 15.2 comes from SLE. Any fix there is likely to make it to openSUSE.

On the other hand, this particular issue isn’t one that gets me all hot and bothered.

Absolutely agreed – nothing to be worried about.

Just trying to understand how changes make it into final update repository.
I would be grateful for any pointers to get to know more insight about this process and connections…

It looks as if a SUSE patch went out today, to fix this in SLE – I’m going by the bug report. I’m expecting a corresponding openSUSE patch within a few days.

As far as I know, the procedure is this:

1: test the proposed changes in factory (this often shows up in Tumbleweed.

2: if this is from the part of Leap that derives for SLE, then first make the changes in SLE.

3: import the changes from SLE to Leap.

The particular problem only affected Leap. But they probably had to make a change in the source code so that it pulls in SUSE logo on SLE and an openSUSE logo on Leap. So the update to SLE probably makes changes that aren’t visible, but will affect what is picked up by Leap. Note that there’s a lot of guessing there.

Yeah, fix rolled out yesterday.