[GNOME] Totem and external subtitles, and tearing

Since I prefer GNOME, and it’s simplicity, I’d like to use Totem for movie playback. Unfortunately, it does not seem to automaticaly load subtitles like it does in other distros. I tired VLC, but I get not sound, pulse audio issues I’m told, and Mplayer gives me a whole lot of error windows…

How to load .sub or .srt subtitles, and how to display them in eastern european charset, while system is using US English?

Also, I get some tearing during playback, could it be Ati’s fault?

(note, I find multimedia important part of my PCs usage, and it’s a breaking point will I use SuSE or not)

Totem will pick up first subtitles file, named in the same way as the movie file. As it goes for tearing, I experience it also under the Intel card. It has something to do with the lack of the infrastructure that would prevent tearing in X.

Strange, I know about that auto loading behaviour, but for some reson it doesn’t work on my machine.

I’ve been playing around and will have to reinstall, maybe it’ll work then.

About tearing, is there a bug report?

As long as you don’t mix your videolan and packman repositories, and also ensure your vlc video and audio output module is properly selected, then vlc should work fine.

Note for “special desktop effects” it is often necessary to specify ‘x11’ instead of ‘xvideo’ for the vlc video output module.

As long as you did not force your Mplayer install, but rather used the Packman repository, then Mplayer should work fine. Note if using “special desktop effects” you may need to select ‘x11’ (and not ‘xv’ / ‘xvideo’ ) as your Mplayer output video module. Smplayer is an especially nice front end to MPlayer.

Ok, reinstalled, and Totem works ok now.

The only issue is unability to select Eastern European fonts…
I need Serbian fonts, which include čČ ćĆ šŠ đĐ žŽ.
None of the charsets offered in Totem have ALL of those, especially žŽ.

Under Windows, I used ffdshow-tryouts, and I had the option of selecting Eastern European charset.

Yes, i see the subtitles but the picture blinks. And the video is too slow - it is not normally. Sorry, my English isn’t excellent but i believe you understand me.