Gnome: system/package update icon not showing in panel notification area when updates available

Leap 42.2 with Gnome desktop. The icon/applet indicating that system/package updates are available is not showing in the notification panel in the upper right corner of the desktop. I have checked in “settings - notifications” that the package update notification icon is “on.” The volume, battery level, and drop down arrow icons do appear. Because of the absence of the update icon, I have to go into “settings - details” and select “check for updates” which I did an hour ago and there were 9 updates available. If I’m not mistaken, the update icon only shows if there are updates available - which it is not doing. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.

How often do you have the update app set to check??

Thanks Gogalthorpe for the tip. I adjusted the settings to check for updates more frequently. I’ll see how that works.